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Muskoka EFoil is an EFoil Sales, Service, and Rental Company Based In Muskoka.

Muskoka is known for some of the best fresh water lakes and bays, and what better way to experience them than on an eFoil? Learn to EFoil on the latest in electric hydrofoil technology powered by Lift E-Foils, allowing riders to glide effortlessly over the water, and explore the beauty of Muskoka like never before.

Learn to eFoil: Explore the fastest, most durable, longest-lasting eFoil experience.

Located in Muskoka, we believe the best way to experience the lakes is on the water with your friends.
Looking to learn to Efoil, how to rent an EFoil, or try Efoiling? Look no further!

Partnered with Muskoka Wake, Muskoka EFoil is a mobile Flite School that offers E-Foiling lessons for all ability levels from key locations around Muskoka and Lake Simcoe. Our team comprises surfers, wakeboarders, wakesurfers, snowboarders, kiteboarders and kitesurfers, and more with a wealth of watersports experience.

EFoiling is a fully electric activity, and our mission is aligned with our fellow eco-tourism businesses that produce a zero-negative impact on the lakes and the ecosystem. Our boards move quietly through the water with zero emissions, guaranteeing fun for riders without causing harm to our environment or cottage goers.

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Operating Locations

As a mobile company, we are able to travel to different locations each day to cater to lake conditions. We look to select our location the day before in order to best suit the overall learning experience and convenience for our riders, and enhance rider enjoyment. Most locations are at our partners, Pride Marine Group.

Lake Rosseau
Port Carling
119 Medora Street
Lake Muskoka
Lake Of Bays
Balsam Lake
Lake Simcoe

EFoil Lessons

Muskoka Wake is Muskoka’s premier water sports school, offering lessons in efoiling, wakeboarding, wake surfing, waterskiing, and flyboarding for all ages and skill levels.

Muskoka Wake has expert instructors who will have you flying over the water in no time. Each lesson is catered to the individual rider to achieve the ultimate E-Foil experience, regardless of skill level. The Muskoka Wake team heads out on the water with riders throughout the lesson, ensuring thorough and targeted instruction and safety while, most importantly, helping to create memories of your first time flying to last a lifetime!

Expert Instruction

Our insructors receive rave reviews about their professionalism and support both on land and on the water. You'll be flying in no time!

Watersports Experts

With decades of combined experience across wakeboarding, wakesurfing, flyboarding, waterskiing, and more!

Muskoka EFoil

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Muskoka EFoil

119 Medora Street

Port Carling, ON P0B


T: +1 (705) 706-5504

E: info@muskokawake.ca

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