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Are E-Foils Regulated In Canada?

Propeller-driven surfboard-type vessels are currently in consultation to have the ban lifted on them in Canada. See here for more information: https://letstalktransportation.ca/pds

What Safety Equipment Do I Need?

A coast-guard approved PFD, A helmet, A Safety kit including; a sound device, distress signals, etc., and A Pleasure Craft Operators License.

Where are you located/operating from?

Muskoka Wake serves Lake of Bays, Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph, Port Carling, Balsam Lake, Lake Rosseau and Lake Simcoe and can meet you at your cottage or a public dock.

Can You Come To Our Cottage?

Yes, one of our services is a private lesson behind a customer boat. We will come to you no matter where you are.

If you would like us to bring our boat, we will do our best to accommodate you.

When Is The Best Time To Book?

The more notice you are able to give us, the better chance of getting your desired time slot.  We typically book up about a week before the date for midweek lessons and two weeks on weekends.  If it’s less notice than that, however, give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Are There Age Restrictions

We ask that the age limit be 12. Our age limit is not based on skills but on how quickly a rider can respond to sudden problems, such as getting too close to another rider, any animals in the water, a boat passing by, and shallow waters.
Suppose you have a rider under the age of 12. In that case, we will be willing to accept riders nine years of age or older if they have prior wake surfing and/or wakeboarding experience, along with written consent and release of liability from their parents.

How Long Is A Session?

For first-time riders, the session is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The first 30 minutes is a learning session on dry land, and the remaining 60 minutes are in the water. For returning riders, it can be 1-3 hours.

How many people can ride at a time?
We typically do not want to take more than six people on the water. If your group is larger, we will do our best to schedule you in back-to-back sessions.

Are There Discounts For Larger Groups?

We may be able to offer a discount for larger groups, please inquire with us via phone or email to discuss

How Easy Is It To Ride?

Most of our guests are first-time riders, and eFoiling has a similar sensation to paddle boarding. During your first lesson, you will learn the speed of the board and the control sensitivity. Balance is key! It takes about 1-2 hours to get used to the feeling of the board. Some people are faster learners than others, especially if they have previous watersports or board sports experience, i.e. surfing, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding and wake surfing.

Can Someone Take Pictures?

Yes! Some of our instructors carry a GoPro and will be happy to catch a photo or video of you up and riding. We typically send these out within a few days to your email during the booking process.

What is the difference between an E-Foil and a JetBoard?

The E-Foil’s smooth movements are similar to deep snow snowboarding and a similar sensation to surfing rather than jet boarding. The foil board is sensitive, and you steer direction by shifting weight. On the other hand, a jet board doesn’t have the same turning ability due to the drive at the end of the board. That’s why you see the sportier boards also equipped with foot straps and handles to make turning easier.


What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

You will be charged full price for cancellations within 24 hours and 50% within 48 hours. If you have any issues please call us as soon as possible to discuss cancellation.

What Do You Need To Book?

Basic information such as first and last name, group size, phone number, email, and accommodation on the island. We also required a credit card on file and a small deposit.

Can You Pay Cash?

Yes, but we will still need a credit card for deposit and confirmation. You also can split payments with another card.

What Credit Cards Do You Accept?

VISA, Mastercard, and American Express

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